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Mmm, do-gooder, Buddhist-style. [Jun. 12th, 2006:08:03 pm]
The Poor Man, Every Man's Religion
[I'm somewhere close to: |House of Danger, Little Stranger]
[Feels like: |Lucky, fuckers.]
[Sounds like: |About to watch I Heart Huckabees (how appropriate)]

I want to pluck your strings.
I want to wake you up.
There is more that is important than one.
One unit as a fraction of a whole unit working only for itself is impractical.

I've told suicidal friends, "You're doing so much good just in existing and doing what you do!" and the reply is always something incredibly pessimistic (go figure) and self-defeating (go figure). I know it all, I've been there, done that- but the thing is, if you're only living inside of yourself instead of inside of the body of the whole, then of course you don't recognize the good you do in just existing! You can't see past your own boundaries! Once the border of "you" comes into view, your border of knowledge comes into view, your border of vision.
If you live as one with the whole, actively working for better, or just being yourself, doing what you do in your life, then your intellect and vision expand. Thus, the only way to truly improve one's self is to strengthen the threads all around you- the people you know need help or your friendships could use some strengthening. Forgive me, I like to compare things to cloth, but if you are one thread in an elegant tapestry, and all you work for and aspire for is to be as shiny as possible, just you, well... no one can see that when they step back, when they take the magnifying glass off of you. If every person, however, works to help those who are down and can't take proper care of themselves emotionally or physically, then not only does the bigger picture improve, your personal environment improves. For one, you've got more emotionally stable friends and better relationships with those friends, and, well, good friendships are good for you. Good friendships improve both of you. Not only that, but by placing yourself in experiences outside of yourself, you've gained knowledge and experience you can use to help yourself out of ruts when you hit them.

Ohh, just a thought... and man, it's really Buddhist-y, huh? Haha, well, I discovered it for myself with my own internal debates and observations, so maybe I'll still get credit.

[User Picture]From: randomflag
2006-06-13 07:07 am (UTC)
Amen sister. Helping others definitely makes me feel shiny.
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From: truth_is_vital
2006-06-13 07:36 am (UTC)
Shiny is just the word I was looking for.
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