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The Poor Man, Every Man's Religion
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This is the poor man, every man's religion; this is unreligion. It is for thinkers, artists, dreamers, writers, skeptics, comics, avant gardes, bohemians, the kind, the hungry, the poor, the rich, the blue collar, dancers, the middle class, the boys, the girls, musicians, and anybody who's ever been down.

With religion, the idea is that there are dogmas, exact "truths" and "untruths" and ways things are to be done, things you shouldn't do and punishments and rewards. Unreligion is just the opposite; it's life as you live it, it's free from rules and it's all about self-expression no matter what the books say. It's all about freedom and exploration, creativity and questioning everything you're told.

That's unreligion.

In joining this community, you're saying that your religion is unreligion.

We will not be bound by norms, we will think for ourselves and exchange ideas.

The Framework of Our Community:

+ Please, upon joining the community, tell us about yourself. Who are you? What are your questions? What do you love? What do you hate? Any major philosophies? Feel free to show us some of your art, writing, or photos of yourself, etc. Everybody wants to get to know you.

+ If you're posting pictures or pieces of writing, put whatever's in excess behind an lj-cut. I'm pretty sure you can judge when enough's enough for the front page.

+ This is not the place to try to convert anybody to anything or impose ideas on anyone. This is a place to try and answer people's questions, ask your own, even, a place to appreciate others' art, read others' words and ideas and then say something about it if you want to. This isn't a place to down talk anybody. This is a community we're trying to support one another, not tear somebody down to feel better about yourself.

+ Don't post criticism unless somebody asks for it. It kind of sucks when you're just trying to share and nothing more and people tell you what you could do better.

+ If you're going to do something here, you can go with the Buddhist principle and ask yourself, "Will this be helpful or harmful?" before you do it. If it's helpful (or neutral, even), go for it, if it's harmful, well... maybe that belongs under an lj-cut haha.

+ Hatred of any kind will NOT be tolerated here. If you have a problem with straights, gays, 12-year-olds, Jews, the French, people of any skin color, etc, keep it to yourself and try to reconsider your prejudice.

+ Here you are free to post your art, your wishes, your writing, any philosophical thoughts or questions, your dreams, your realizations, your favorite books or movies, your camera whore sessions, cries for help or advice, pretty much whatever.

+ If you're 18 or older, it's cool if you post nudes, as long as you keep it under an lj-cut with a warning. Just make sure it's tasteful, this isn't a porn community.